"The Magnificent Five" of Shaola

“The Magnificent Five” is an unofficial title given by the common folks to the top 5 world-class undefeated fighters. People have been calling them "The Magnificent Five" out of respects.

New files available for download

As much as we would wish to go on updating new versions and uploading new files, we would like to concentrate on finishing the games. So, Heroes of Shaola v0.2 and Shaola v0.4 are the last updates until the full games are completed.

Changes in Shaola 0.4:

- We now have a more advanced jumping system for Eli. As long as he wears the Spring Boot, he can jump anytime and anywhere. Press A to jump. Running and jumping at the same time will enable him to jump farther.
- As a result of the newly implement advanced jumping system, many more secrets and treasures have been added.
- New items and potions have been added.
- Dialogues have been improved.
- Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.
- We have re-installed the diagonal movement mechanics that we took out in the last version, due to the incompatibility with the mouse controls system.
- Many bug fixes and small improvements have been made.

Changes in Heroes of Shaola 0.2:

- A lot of characters and battlers’ graphics, icons have been enhanced.
- Major tweaks to the monsters, the spoils, and game balance.
- Energizer's value and effectiveness have been raised.
- Guns are much more powerful, like they should be. This explains why the factions on the other side of the Great Desert are so afraid of the Aquilon Republic.
- Minor changes and improvement to the text and dialogues.
- Some sound effects have been added and/or improved.
- All known gameplay bugs in the Demo have been fixed.

You can download the new files under "Heroes of Shaola latest files" and "Shaola latest files". Enjoy the games!

An in-depth look at the smaller factions in Shaola

Previously, we have described 7 elite mainland’s kingdoms and 2 kingdoms in the Far East (Everland).

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 25 smaller factions in the world of Shaola, including 10 political factions and 15 nonpolitical ones.

Is it possible to overcome the "super team" at the forest? (hints and spoilers)

After the release of version 0.1.7, there were complaints that it's nearly impossible to defeat the super team of 3 types of mushroom, poisonous vipers, and the timber wolves in the last battle in the forest.

The answer is: Yes, you can beat 'em! And here's how:

Both Leonardo and Melissa have to drink Energizer in the first turn of the battle.

That's the only way to conquer that battle in this version (0.1.7). If you're on a difficulty level Normal and above, you might need to farming around a bit.

When there's a boss that seems like impossible to defeat, make sure to drink your Energizer! It's so expensive for a reason.

Energizer is so effective because it buffs your attack and strength for 5 turns, your defense for 3 turns, you agility for 4 turns, it increases your chance of counterattack/magic reflect by a whopping 60%, your chance of dodge/evade by 40%, you and your buddies will "cover" for each other, depends on who has the higher HP, you'll also cast the state "Ironwall" to greatly minimize the damage. Also, it will grant you 20% chance of HP regeneration and 10% chance of MP regeneration.

That's all for now. Enjoy the game!

Heroes of Shaola v0.1.7 Public Release

Changes in version 0.1.7:
  • New potions and monsters have been added. Now you’ll have to face even more haunted mushrooms, with each kind specialized in one type of offense.
  • Now you can sell things to the Inns after you completed their quests.
  • Small enhancement to the Bestiary.
  • Many grammar errors have been fixed. The dialogues have been enhanced.
  • Most bugs and glitches have been fixed.
    You can download the new version under "Heroes of Shaola latest files". Have fun playing!

    Shaola v0.3.8 - Public release

    A couple of months ago, we divided our team out to work on the two projects ("Shaola" and "Heroes of Shaola" separately. A few of our members in Vietnam are responsible for Shaola. Everyone else focuses on Heroes of Shaola. After months of hiatus, we're glad to release the new version.

    Changes in Shaola 0.3.8:

    - Mouse controls have been implemented.

    - New “trees kicking” mechanics. Now you can use the mouse to find suspicious trees, instead of having to kick every single tree.

    - Difficulty levels have been added.

    - Dialogues have been cleaned up.

    - Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.

    - Minor modification to some stats to balance out the game.

    - A huge amount of bug fixes (Belle’s door, secret area in the forest, etc.), cleans up, and small improvements have been made.


    Shaola - Version 0.3.8


    Heroes of Shaola v0.1.2 - Public release

    Hello again all! A new version have been released. There were some bugs that slipped through the last play tests, I've played through myself and fixed it up. There will probably still be a few glitches here and there.

    This release has nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned bug fixes and minor enhancement in graphics, dialogs, stats and gameplay.

    Changes in version 0.1.2:

    - We removed the Game Over graphics, thus, completely eliminated the Game Over factor from the game. Game Over is completely removed from the game!

    - New monsters have been added.

    - A lot of stats have been tweaked to balance out the game.

    - Most bugs and errors have been fixed.

    You can download it here:

    Version 0.1.2


    Heroes of Shaola - The Story Demo is out and available to download!

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce the official release of the Story Demo.

    What are the differences between the Tech Demo and the Story Demo, you might ask?

    The Tech Demo contains a short side-story for demonstration purpose and to introduce the theme and the basic mechanics of the game. Its contents won't be in the actual game.

    The Story Demo contains the beginning part of the alpha version of the actual game. Everything begins with the disappearance of Leonardo, the sole heir of the Sutherlands, one of the top four noble families in the Zenman Empire.

    Other changes included a different and uncommon Game Over mechanics. You won't lose your progress on Game Over, even when all main characters are injured.

    The graphics are brighter and clearer. It possesses much better battler graphics and animations, especially the opponents and monsters. In addition, many bugs and issues have been fixed.

    You can download it here: HOS_StoryDemo.zip

    Heroes of Shaola (1st Demo is available now!)

    Zenman Empire is the greatest nation in the world. It's located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the deceptively powerful Amazail Kingdom in the south, and the unpredictable House Lagidis in the west.

    Each year, the vassal factions must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, women and gold to the Zenman.

    Its capital city, Zalumi, has been protected by the four most powerful noble families. Those four families are the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys.


    One morning, Leonardo, the only child of the Sutherlands, was nowhere to be found. The news shocked the whole nation.

    People freaked out by the mysterious disappearance of Leonardo, a young nobleman with unlimited potential.

    Meanwhile, in the north, Martia Kingdom has been staring at Zalumi for years. The Amazailian are also lurking around from the south.

    Both of them are growing tired of being a vassal nation. They are getting tired of paying tributes to the Zenman Empire.

    They have been watching Zalumi like a hawk, waiting for a chance to take action.

    Sources from the Iron Eagle from Zuda Kingdom revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance.

    If the two indeed become allies and something happens in Zalumi, they will launch an invasion to Zenman. With their powerful forces, they should reach the capital in no time.

    The once great Zenman Empire is suddenly facing two big threats from both the north and south.

    The conservatives in Amazail - led by Gaer Capulet, the General Eunuch - always want to maintain the status quo.

    They always want a peaceful environment for economic development. They are against wars and want to maintain good relationships with neighboring countries, especially Zenman Empire.

    The Amazailian conservatives obviously want to prevent the alliance between Amazail and Martia so they can prevent the war from happening. It seems that they are the only hope to stop this madness.


    The stories and settings that influenced us are:

    - Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire)

    - Middle-Earth (from Lord of the Rings)

    - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    - Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Northern Europe's tales and mythology

    - Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European medieval history

    Shaola series, an ambitious project

    Hi all, I would like to announce our long-term project. I should have announced this in the beginning. However, I have decided to delay the announcement until we have a clear plan in place.

    “Shaola series” is a long-term project that tells gripping stories and magical tales that happen on the world of Shaola.

    Each game will have a major story, plotline with a lot of multidimensional character.

    We have divided our team to work on the free project and the commercial project parallel with each other.

    The free project will be funded via Patreon. Our patrons can also get free copies of the commercial games.

    We will launch the commercial project in a few days. So, please stay tuned.

    Shaola v0.3 Public release

    This is the first major update of the game. It contains new parts of the story, hidden areas, plots and contents.

    Since we are having very little financial support for this free project, we will now concentrate more on our commercial project "Heroes of Shaola". An official announcement will be available in a couple of weeks.

    Our Patreon terms have been simplified. All patrons who help funding our games will also get a free copy of the commercial game(s).

    We still expected Shaola I (free project) to be complete this year, in time for the Misao Award.

    Republic of Aquilon

    It can also be called "Aquilon Republic". The Aquilonian is the most civilize and technological advance nation in the world.

    They are located in the far north, on the other side of the Great Desert (commonly called "The Desert"), the largest desert in the world. The north generally has hot weather, due to many natural factors, but with their great technology, the Aquilonian has air-conditioner systems that no other civilizations have had.

    The other side of the Desert used to be a big secret, until the Iron Eagle's agents successfully crossed the desert and found out many things on that side. They went on to scout the Aquilon and eventually found out a horrible truth: The Aquilonian has tools that can kills quickly and easily from far away. They called it "gun" and "bullet"! They also have other inventions for warfare like bombs, stun guns, fire guns, electrical knives, electrical whips, artificial animals, artificial monsters, etc.

    After realizing that the Aquilon Republic is so far more advance than the rest of the nations on the other side of the Desert, the Iron Eagle's scouts tried to return home but only one of them survives. Most of them are killed by the Aquilonian guns, some of them are killed by the Sahara Tribe on the desert.

    Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom

    Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, on the southeast of the continent.

    They have unique culture and custom. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them The Weirdoes of the Far East.

    Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom

    Together, these two small kingdoms formed an alliance called "Southern Double Alliance". They feed of each other and watching each other back. Both kingdoms stand side-by-side next to each other and located in the far south at the bottom of the continent, just below the Ankania Kingdom. The northerners have been calling them "Twin Dragons of the South".

    New domain name

    From now on you can visit rpgfaction.com to access this website. I think the name is easy to remember. Our games will have a lot of factions fighting against each other, anyway. So, I think this is an appropriate name that fits our concept really well.

    Amazail Kingdom

    Amazail Kingdom is located in the southern and central region, on top of the Ankania Kingdom and just below the Zenman Empire. Among the factions in the world, Amazail is the strongest. They quietly surpassed the Zenman for dozen of years now. However, only the sharp scholars and intellectuals have notice this trend and realizing this unique situation: This vassal state actually is stronger than the declining central empire and even surpassed it.

    Amazail has great balance, is strong and deceptively powerful. They don't have any aspect that can be call "the best", but they are great in all aspects: Politic, military, offense, defense, economy, culture. They are the most well rounded nation and have the most talented human resource. They have no weakness. None.

    Video on some basic gameplays and battle system


    *Please disregard the sound quality of the Youtube videos. The music and sound quality are fine in the game. Nothing is wrong with them.

    Ankania Kingdom

    Ankania is an old kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire. In fact, they are among the oldest kingdoms in the world. They used to be one of the only two empires who ruled the land along with the Zenman. Ankania is located in the south, below Amazail Kingdom and above the Southern Double Alliance (Zuda Kingdom and Kazen Kingdom).

    The Ankanian former glory came to an end when the Veronas revolt and attacked the capital, Brinsbourne, then destroyed the Imperial castle and slaughtered the royal family (the Dimakoses). One of the emperor's bloodline eventually fled down to the south and built a new capital called "South Brinsbourne". The loyal officials served him as the new king. This long march killed most of their talented generals and warriors in the effort to fight off the enemy. Some died out of hunger and diseases.

    Martia Kingdom

    Martia is a nation of war and violence. It's located in the north, above the Zenman Empire and below the Great Desert. The country is torn with warfare and internal conflicts.

    The kingdom is led by King Ahmad, son of King Victor the Conqueror, and the military leader: Sir Hogan Guillen, Minister of War.

    In common academic schools, children is required to learn military skills, magic and martial-art along with academic skills.

    Mother nature rewarded them with riches of metal mines, including the best quality of steel and iron in the world. They have better weapons than any other faction. Most of magical metals and powerful magical weapons that was using in other nations actually came from here. The Martian has made a fortune out of selling metals and weapons.

    Zenman Empire

    Zenman is the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land. It’s located in the central region. The empire is surrounded by many vassal kingdoms and independent factions.

    Each year, the vassal kingdoms must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, food and gold. Sometime they are required to send princes and princesses to the Zenman.

    The Zenman has ruled the land for thousands of year. This country has the largest population and army. Their army is led by Francois de Gaulle, Minister of the Military.

    Other than Romanowski, the royal family, there are four powerful noble families that help protected and managed the capital, Zalumi. Those four families are: the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys. However, the current emperor, Louis II, son of Emperor Louis the Great, is a young man who some people have described him as a good person, but not a good political leader.

    Factions of Shaola

    The elites:

    Zenman Empire, the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land.

    Martia Kingdom, a nation of war and violence.

    A muscleman in Martia.

    Ankania Kingdom, an old kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire.

    Amazail Kingdom, deceptively the strongest and the most powerful nation.

    Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom, together, these two small kingdoms formed an alliance called "Southern Double Alliance". They feeds of each other and watching each other's back.

    Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom, Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) is located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, southeast of the continent. They have unique culture and custom. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them The Weirdos of the Far East.

    Shaola RPG
    Zokangese elite imperial guard.

    Republic of Aquilon, the most civilize and technological advance nation in the world.

    Other guilds and factions:

    Meet the mercenaries!


    Vega is a frail and skinny wizard who was living on the Green Mountain. He comes down from the mountain to test his abilities. His ultimate skill is "Congelo", a deadly ice attack that slaughters all enemies.


    Zackie is a "good" thief who stands by his motto of "Steal from the rich and give to the poor". He is very helpful to the main characters because he can pick locks. He is excel at lock picking and helps you open locked chests.

    Shaola - Story Characters

    Shaola RPG

    Eli is a young herbalist with a pure heart. He does not like to study magic and is afraid of violence. His life is filled with hardships, ups and downs. The only thing that keeps him going is Love.

    He wishes to stay in his village forever. But many unforeseen circumstances push him into a world of wars and chaos. It also forces him to “grow up” over time. At the end of the journey, he had transformed into an alpha male, a champion, a great leader.

    But before he reached that status, he must face countless challenges. He got set up and framed by a person that he trusts with all his heart. He became the #1 public enemy. He fights and defends himself against other so called “heroes”. All he does is trying to survive.

    Naomi is a beautiful priestess in Paula Village. When the villagers think of beauty and kindness blends together, they think of Naomi. She and Eli are childhood friends. Pure and gentle, she helps her team by casting amazing defensive magic.

    Shaola screenshots

    Shaola RPG
    This mysterious stranger has an ice cold calmness in him.

    General Summary


    The story follows the painful and bittersweet journey of a young herbalist who is afraid of violence.

    All he ever wanted is a peaceful life with his father in Paula Village.

    However, life can be cruel, as circumstances push him into the world of lies, betrayals and… violence.

    The only thing that keeps him alive is “love”! Love helps him to survive and overcome countless obstacles on his adventure.

    Sometime a hero can create circumstances. Sometime circumstances can create a hero.

    He keeps on growing up, learns, improves, matures and stronger over time.