Amazail Kingdom

Amazail Kingdom is located in the southern and central region, on top of the Ankania Kingdom and just below the Zenman Empire. Among the factions in the world, Amazail is the strongest. They quietly surpassed the Zenman for dozen of years now. However, only the sharp scholars and intellectuals have notice this trend and realizing this unique situation: This vassal state actually is stronger than the declining central empire and even surpassed it.

Amazail has great balance, is strong and deceptively powerful. They don't have any aspect that can be call "the best", but they are great in all aspects: Politic, military, offense, defense, economy, culture. They are the most well rounded nation and have the most talented human resource. They have no weakness. None.

They quietly becoming the most feared powerhouse in the land. Technically the Amazailian and the Zenmanese have a "good" relationship. However, in reality, the Amazailian by far are the greatest threat to the Zenman Empire.

For now, Amazail is still formally a vassal kingdom to Zenman Empire. However, there are political movements fighting for independent. Many political leaders in the capital (Brinsbourne) want to abolish the usual tributes. Some people even want the kingdom to change the formal name and transforms to an empire.

Also, there are rumors that the Imperial Court has divided into two diplomatic groups:

I. The traditionalist/conservatives - led by officials who in charge domestic politics and the economy - want to maintain the status quo, maintain the peace, they against wars and want to have good relationships with neighboring countries, especially the Zenman.

II. The liberals/aggressors - led by the military leaders - want to form an empire, break of relationship with the Zenman, and eventually invade and overthrow the Zenman. The former rulers done the same thing with Ankania Empire hundreds of year ago.

The two most influential leaders for each side are Sir Frederick Montague, Grand Commandant of the Military, and Gaer Capulet, The General Eunuch (*). These two political forces responsible for the mighty and prosperous of Amazail. However, there are rumors that they have become too powerful and have become a threat to the Golden Throne, a throne that owned by King George and the Veronases, the royal family.

* An Eunuch is an official who is very close to the king, queen, mistresses and the royal family. He helps them with day-to-day operations. Every Eunuch is either homosexual or has been castrated before they can serve the Imperial Court. This practice is an effort to forbid the romantic relationship between them and female member of the royal families. As well as to prevent adultery and scandal in the Imperial Court.

The General Eunuch, Gaer Capulet, is the leader of all the Eunuchs in the Imperial Court.

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