Ankania Kingdom

Ankania is an old kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire. In fact, they are among the oldest kingdoms in the world. They used to be one of the only two empires who ruled the land along with the Zenman. Ankania is located in the south, below Amazail Kingdom and above the Southern Double Alliance (Zuda Kingdom and Kazen Kingdom).

The Ankanian former glory came to an end when the Veronas revolt and attacked the capital, Brinsbourne, then destroyed the Imperial castle and slaughtered the royal family (the Dimakoses). One of the emperor's bloodline eventually fled down to the south and built a new capital called "South Brinsbourne". The loyal officials served him as the new king. This long march killed most of their talented generals and warriors in the effort to fight off the enemy. Some died out of hunger and diseases.

They eventually settled in the new cities and environment. However, from that point on, there are always conflicts going on between the new settlers and the local leaders, between newcomers and local powerful families. This sequence of events set them back for a long time.

Ankania currently is known for their cowardness. However, they are also known for having good defense. All of their military effort is dedicated to fortify the defense.

They have some of the largest castles and tallest wall in Shaola. In order to accomplished that, they forced the citizen to build the castles, forts, watch towers, traps and all types of costly constructions. The result is having the best defense in the land, but also receiving the hatred from the local people.

To make matters worse, the royals are corrupted and making the soldiers and people built all types of fancy constructions, including palaces, gardens, parks, statues, monuments and wonders. The Ankanian Imperial Court is the most corrupted place in the land.

The painful tensions between the central government, the local governments and the people are beyond repair.

The distrust and the uncooperativeness between all sides created countless rebels, illegal organizations, religious cults and factions within the kingdom. Romeo Valentino (nickname: Rainbow Swordsman), the Minister of Self-Defense who managed the military, has become a busy man lately, while King James II hurt himself from late night party and alcohol. He spends more time at brothels and hunting in the woods than sitting on the Golden Throne.

To make sure the King is happy, the officials forced local hunters to captured animals from different woods and releases them to the wood that the King himself about to hunt. People who dare resists are beheaded on the spot. King James is even more insane than his father, King Julian III.

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