Martia Kingdom

Martia is a nation of war and violence. It's located in the north, above the Zenman Empire and below the Great Desert. The country is torn with warfare and internal conflicts.

The kingdom is led by King Ahmad, son of King Victor the Conqueror, and the military leader: Sir Hogan Guillen, Minister of War.

In common academic schools, children is required to learn military skills, magic and martial-art along with academic skills.

Mother nature rewarded them with riches of metal mines, including the best quality of steel and iron in the world. They have better weapons than any other faction. Most of magical metals and powerful magical weapons that was using in other nations actually came from here. The Martian has made a fortune out of selling metals and weapons.

Most of the great military strategist and tactician came from Martia. Many of the best military writings also came from here. Their army is powerful. Their soldiers are elite and have more abilities and skills than other factions. They also have some of the best generals in Shaola. Many of the kings here are aggressive and love to go to war himself. The kingdom's officials and leaders also love to go to war.

On the flip side, the army has too much power, authorities, and influences. The Imperial Court is struggled to contains them. This situation led to divisions within the Imperial Court and the nation.

There are many different warlords, factions in the country and many civil wars to fight. Countless violent protests, military coups and riot have occurred. During one historical period, they have six kings in less than a year.

The society is always unstable. There are a lot of criminal activities and organizations. Many crimes have occurred, especially war crime. This is the only kingdom in the land that has no restriction on slavery. Everyone can own, trade, buy or sell slaves. They have a separate army of slaves that fought viciously and not afraid to die. The slaves have nothing to lose.

This nation is formerly an alliance of tribes. They are considered savage, uncivilized. For a long time, they don't have regular school for children to learn academics. Instead, children have been sent to magic school and military academy to learn the art of war and martial skills. This situation happens for a long time, until the Wathmons slaughtered the strongest tribes, unified the people and founded this kingdom. The Wathmons soon became the royal family.

Basically, this is a kingdom with powerful military and weapons. However, the society is corrupted and lack of safety. The economy is suffering from black market activities, money laundering, and inequality. There are billionaires, robbers and beggars everywhere. There are fog of war and corpses everywhere.

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