Meet the mercenaries!


Vega is a frail and skinny wizard who was living on the Green Mountain. He comes down from the mountain to test his abilities. His ultimate skill is "Congelo", a deadly ice attack that slaughters all enemies.


Zackie is a "good" thief who stands by his motto of "Steal from the rich and give to the poor". He is very helpful to the main characters because he can pick locks. He is excel at lock picking and helps you open locked chests.


Rod is a wandering warlock who is leaning back and forth between Good and Evil. He swallows and absorbs the enemy's energy whenever he knocked them out. He is stronger after every battles. Both heroes and villains are trying to stay away from him.


Miao is a rare witch who is trying to stays on the Good side. Don't get on her nerves and you'll be fine. Her ultimate skill is “Terra”, a deadly attack that annihilates all opponents.


Greg is a wandering vagabond and a professional mercenary. He is looking for four things: Job, gold, fight, and... trouble. He loves to fight as much as he loves alcohol.

He is a simple guy, so, his fighting style is so simple but effective. So unique and different from other fighters, he only has one move. Always looking for a fight, he is someone that others do not want to mess with.


Harion is a sage in Everland. He used to be one of the advisors in Zokang Imperial Court. As an Elf, he gotten discriminated and stripped of his Advisor status, he wanders around the world looking for other opportunities and stays true to his philosophy.

Wood elves in the jungle will not accept him. In their eyes, any high elf who works for the human is a “traitor”. Most human discriminates and stays away from him. Therefore, he has nowhere to go. All the discrimination have pushes him to the Evil side.


Irono is a dwarf, an overweight muscleman who loves meat, especially pork. Wise and incredibly strong, he excels in melee combat. He - like most dwarfs – is much stronger than the average human.


Khalid is a homeless wizard who is wandering around Everland looking for the next challenge. His ultimate skill is “Ambustum”, a deadly fire attack that burns all foes into ashes.


Allan is a good wizard but sometime depends too much on dark magic. His ultimate (anger) skill is “Aboleo”, a thunder & lightning attacks that abolish all foes.


Albert is an inventor from the Aquilon Republic. He is a retired scientist and used to works for the Aquilon government. He travels around the world researching rare minerals.

To funds his journey, he works as a part-time mercenary. He can’t fight a lick, but he has a bunch of guns, bombs and Aquilonian modern weapons.

Simba is a tamed beast who fought side-by-side with many owners. He is loyal and extremely fearless on the battlefield.

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