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Eli is a young herbalist with a pure heart. He does not like to study magic and is afraid of violence. His life is filled with hardships, ups and downs. The only thing that keeps him going is Love.

He wishes to stay in his village forever. But many unforeseen circumstances push him into a world of wars and chaos. It also forces him to “grow up” over time. At the end of the journey, he had transformed into an alpha male, a champion, a great leader.

But before he reached that status, he must face countless challenges. He got set up and framed by a person that he trusts with all his heart. He became the #1 public enemy. He fights and defends himself against other so called “heroes”. All he does is trying to survive.

Naomi is a beautiful priestess in Paula Village. When the villagers think of beauty and kindness blends together, they think of Naomi. She and Eli are childhood friends. Pure and gentle, she helps her team by casting amazing defensive magic.

Belle is an attractive huntress with a low key personality. She is Naomi’s neighbor and a close friend of both Naomi and Eli. She’s like a big sister to them. After Belle got married in an awkward pre-arranged marriage, something big happens that change her life forever.


Victor is a strong muscleman. Like his family name (Strong), he is strong both physically and mentally. He can be over confident sometime. Occasionally, he would say things that pissed people off. He is the best fighter in Paula Village.

A good friend of Eli, he took Eli under his wing and protects him from bullies and monsters. However, later on, he cannot accept the fact that Eli is better than him. His perception and treatment of Eli is slowly changing when his role of a “big brother” is no longer meaningful.


Yanmi is a female martial-artist in Zu Mountain Academy. Somewhat a tomboy, she hates evil things and does not shy away from any battle. A classmate of Eli, she always has a warm feeling for him.

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