Zenman Empire

Zenman is the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land. It’s located in the central region. The empire is surrounded by many vassal kingdoms and independent factions.

Each year, the vassal kingdoms must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, food and gold. Sometime they are required to send princes and princesses to the Zenman.

The Zenman has ruled the land for thousands of year. This country has the largest population and army. Their army is led by Francois de Gaulle, Minister of the Military.

Other than Romanowski, the royal family, there are four powerful noble families that help protected and managed the capital, Zalumi. Those four families are: the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys. However, the current emperor, Louis II, son of Emperor Louis the Great, is a young man who some people have described him as a good person, but not a good political leader.

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