Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom

Together, these two small kingdoms formed an alliance called "Southern Double Alliance". They feed of each other and watching each other back. Both kingdoms stand side-by-side next to each other and located in the far south at the bottom of the continent, just below the Ankania Kingdom. The northerners have been calling them "Twin Dragons of the South".

Zuda Kingdom has the smallest population among the kingdoms, but they have a great advantage that other countries can only dream of: The best intelligence agency in the world.

Intelligence services are Zuda Kingdom's greatest strength. Their agency, the Iron Eagle, is the first intelligence agency in world history. They are the largest, most polished and most dangerous organization among the agencies in the land.

"Iron" stands for strength, toughness and discipline. "Eagle" stands for vision and the attention to details, since eagle has the best eyesight of any creature, it can see clearly any small detail from far away. The Iron Eagle employed the best investigator in the land: Nickolas Spyridis.

The Zudan viewed "information" as the most dangerous weapon. They do have more information than anybody else does. They use that information wisely. Sometime they sell it for gold, trade for food, weapons or mercenaries. Sometime they use it as a threat to discourage other factions from invading their homeland.

There are rumors that the Iron Eagle has people in every Imperial Court in Shaola. No one really knows the truth. People do know that every faction does fear the Iron Eagle's ability to collects information.

Thus, even though their army is not that strong, Zuda Kingdom still is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to their to military intelligence. They won in the battlefield because they know the enemy like the back of their hand. They know their opponent's strategies and tactics, strengths and weaknesses more than the opponent know itself.

The Iron Eagle founded out many secrets from many leaders and officials in the land. If they published it out, the career and reputation of many people would go down the drain.

Their assassination ability has terrified many kings and leaders. They have assassinated political leaders, religious leaders, officials, royal members, billionaires, opponent's commanders, generals and fighters.

During the wars, the Iron Eagle does a great job in assassinated the enemy commander. This usually led to easy victories.

Zuda is a unique kingdom. They don't have the greatest army or greatest economy, but no one dare to disrespect them. Zuda Kingdom led by King Charles and the Proussalidis, the royal family. His father, King Edward, who is about to celebrate his 120th birthday, help runs the Iron Eagle from the hospital bed.

No one knows for sure whom actually in charge of the most fearsome secret service agency in the world. However, they assume that it has to be one of the royals.

Kazen Kingdom is the smallest kingdom in the mainland. However, they have the richest economy, partly due to their natural food resources, partly due to their masterful economical and financial management. In addition, the Kazenese has the most farms, gold mines and banks in the land.

Throughout history, the Kazenese has the most female rulers of any other nation. The current ruler is Queen Sena of the Opatra family.

They worship the peace. They feared of war. They are not hesitates to give up gold, land and castles to exchange for peace. In the eyes of the other factions, this nation is politically difficult and complicate to deal with, but is not a threat.

The Kazenese is one of the top three most civilized nations in Shaola. It has the most beautiful women (and men) in the land. It also has the most "Pleasure House" in the land. Some northerners settling here called this land the "Land of the Free", since this nation has the most freedom among all other nations. There are very few restrictions. The citizens love their Queen and are loyal to the Imperial Court.

Kazen Kingdom has the smallest and weakest army among the other armies. However, they do not face any real threat of invasion due to their unique (and lucky) situation.

So, if they are the richest nation and have the weakest defense, then why wouldn't other factions trying to conquer them?

Geography wise, the only two countries that realistically able to launch an attack on them are the Zudan and the Ankanian.

Zuda Kingdom is the Kazenese closest ally. Both of them know that if one of them fall, the other one would be stand there alone by itself and will not be able to exist for long.

Other nations in the land might not fear the Kazenese, but they do fear the Zudan, due to their secret service agency. All factions know that in order to conquer Kazen Kingdom, they have to step over Zuda Kingdom first.

Ankania Kingdom are the only one who realistically can launch an attack on the Southern Double Alliance, since they are the alliance's only neighbor. However, they have no desire for conquest or aggression. All they know is defense. All they want is to maintain status quo. In fact, the northerners have always laugh at the Ananian, calling them "a turtle", always sleeping inside their shells.

The Ankanian also has their problems to deal with. They struggle with criminals, epidemics, plagues, bankruptcy and hunger, and worst of all: civil wars between clans, warlords, religious cults, secret societies, guilds and factions.

If not for their huge geographical advantage on defense, especially all the jungles and mountain ranges that created a gigantic defensive obstacle to the northerners, they wouldn't be able to defend the south, or discourage the northerners to advances to the south.

Kazen Kingdom also is masterful with diplomatic, they created a situations that are very awkward for other factions to declare war with them without getting backlash by their own people and other nations. The Kazenese has no tension with anyone. In fact, they have good relationships with everyone.

They help funded and sponsored many activities in Zuda. They are very helpful to the Zudan, helping them with epidemics and famine. They also provide food to the Ankanian and sent aids as a good faith.

They have sent many beautiful princesses and attractive women to marry the royals and nobles of other kingdoms. They sure know how to use political marriages and family ties to strengthen political relationships. Thus, Queen Sena Opatra technically is the "mother-in-law" of many kings and leaders.

The Kazenese has sent many beautiful women to Zuda to works for the Iron Eagle. The agency is getting a lot of female assassinators, agents and scouts out of these seemingly infinite human resources.

From outside looking in, Kazen Kingdom definitely is the most beloved country in the land.


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