Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom

Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, on the southeast of the continent.

They have unique culture and custom. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them The Weirdoes of the Far East.

Zokangese are nice and polite but are very patriotic. People are full of nationalism and national pride. They have a national fighting art called Zokangdo. Everyone learns Zokangdo since his or her childhood.

Zokangdo used to be called "Kingdo"; it's a type of martial-art that reserved only for the royals. After the Zenman Empire kicked the Zokangese out of the mainland, the king decided to socialize Kingdo and share this fighting style to all citizens. The name soon changed from "Kingdo" to "Zokangdo". The new name implies that this martial-art style is no longer reserved only for the kings, but for all of Zokang and its people.

During the endless war with the Everland natives, due to the needs to drafted soldiers, the Imperial Court ordered parents to teach their child Zokangdo begins at age 6. They imposed an Act that forced citizen to learn Zokangdo. The Imperial Court builds many Dojos, military academies and martial-art academies. Zokangdo is a mandatory course in school.

Zokang Kingdom has three of the best and unique locations to learned magic and martial-art in Shaola: Shaola Academy, Shaqfu Dojo and Kunglao Pagoda.

Shaola Academy is the oldest and largest school among the academies in the world. They teach magic and martial skills. There are countless of talents in the academy. They produced countless number of fighters, wizards and sorcerers for the kingdom. All princes and most of the male member from the royals and noble families (including a few international students from the mainland) are being sent here to study, but only a few have graduated.

Kunglao Pagoda and Shaqfu Dojo are among the best places to learn the art of fighting. However, they are different. The pagoda focuses on self-defense and assistance, while the dojo focuses on offensive techniques. Shaqfu only teach Zokangdo, while Kunglao teach Zokangdo at a much higher level and also some other styles from the mainland.

It's easy to join Shaqfu Dojo. Visitors can come anytime to watch. Kunglao Pagoda is much more discipline and stricter. No one can enter the pagoda except on the holidays. Even on holidays, visitors still need permission to enter the pagoda.

Basically, Shaqfu Dojo is serving the common people, while Kunglao Pagoda is for the established people with great work ethic, experience and dedication.

Numerous monks, disciples and practitioners had left the temple because they can't withstand the gruesome works and practices. Many victims had fallen down the mountain during a gruesome drill called "Crossing the Bridge of Death".

The students don’t need to be a monk in order to study at Kunglao. However, in order to live in the temple and studies high level skills, students need to cut off their hair by their own hand and become a monk.

Like the Martian, almost everyone in Zokang knows how to fight. These practices enabled the Imperial Court to get the military service anywhere and anytime. Any newbie who join the troops should already is a capable swordsman. After gaining battle experience, they should become elite swordsman, ninja or samurai.

Zokang used to be the oldest kingdom in the mainland. Thousands of years ago, the great Zokang Empire's territory was right next to the Zenman Kingdom. The Zenmanese slaughtered their homeland and chased them out of the mainland. The Zokangese fled, migrated to the southeast to find an island to refuge. They eventually found the Everland and settling over there as their new home.

There is only one problem: Everland is not a deserted island. The Greenese is the natives of this island. Therefore, the Everland War broke out and it's never end. The war is still going on.

The Zokangese ultimate goal is to come back to the mainland and take revenge on the Zenman Empire. They plan to accomplish that goal on the first day they set their foot on the island. However, they soon found out that is just a dream. They immediately entered a very painful and bloody war with the Greendom with no ending in sight.

This is a war between the newcomers and the natives. They killed off each other loved ones. Hatred continues to build up overtime. Now, the relationship between these two groups of islanders is beyond repair.

While the war in the present is not as fierce like it used to be, the islanders still enjoyed peace here and there, there is still no formal agreement to officially end the Everland War, there are still random battles and killings.

Everland is as green as it gets. That is why the natives called themselves "Green" and their kingdom "Greendom". The island is filled with grass, trees, forests and jungles.

Not everyone called this island "Everland". The pirates used to call it simply "Green Island". The Greenese always called it "Greenland". The word "Green" is associated with this island for obvious reasons.

However, when the Zokangese came here and having warfare with the Greenese, they don't want to associate the word "Green" with the island. Therefore, they gave this island an "official" name: "Everland".

In that time, the mainlanders haven't discovered the island. They soon know about it after the Zokangese traders went to the mainland. Afterward, the terms "Everland" became commonly uses.

Everland natives are a combination of human and wood elves. While the two human factions fight and kill each other for living spaces, the elves stay in the woods and try not to participate in the war. However, the elves do living in the Greendom's territory and some time they do help the Greenese, some time they don't.

The elves have never helped Zokang Kingdom. They like the Greenese and have a friendly relationship with them for ages. They don't like the Zokangese, who are foreigners and have no relationship with them.

The Greenese and Zokangese find food in many ways. The Greenese focuses on fishing and farming. While the Zokangese focus on hunting and trading with some of the southern kingdoms, especially the Kazen Kingdom. This give the elves even more reason to dislike them. Whenever they go hunting, they basically take away the elves' food.

Aside from the Greenese and the elves, the Zokang Kingdom also deals with the instability from their "3-headed-monster" political system. There are power struggles and infighting among Sir Caocao Lee, the Grand Preceptor; Sir Shiro Sen, the Chancellor and Sir Tsunami Zawa, the General Meister, the leader of all meisters, counselors and advisors in the Imperial Court.

King Terada is powerless and helpless. He is a major disappointment and struggling to live up to his father's name, the great King Shoko.

That is why their goal of the returns to the mainland is basically just a dream.

The Greenese army led by Chief Batanka Tahunkakepiwah, General Jaguar Potaleshyrro and Commander Cobra Xohoyewafa.

The Greenese is great in 1-on-1 battle. Their ability to fights individually is equivalent to the Martian and the Sahara Tribe. They also are quite good at bows and arrows, as well as boomerang usage. However, they don't do well in large scale warfare and they have no clues about politics, economy and military, as well as strategies and tactics.

Their political system is very simple: Everything goes through King Lonewolf Green and his mother, Queen Panda Green. He has the "wiseman", Mohawk and two shamans, Leopard and Whitetiger to help him with everyday operations.

The Greenese does not have a fully civilized society. In this society, some people has family name (surname), some don't. The royals' family name is always "Green".

In the past, Zokang Kingdom bought guns from the Mad Sharks, the strongest group of pirates. The Mad Sharks served as a cunning middleman who is also getting guns from the Aquilon Republic and profit from the Zokang Kingdom. However, the Zokangese have been developing their own guns. Although it's nothing compare to the Aquilonian guns, it's still better than bow and sword.

The Zokangese outclassed the Greenese in politics and military art. However, the Greendom is able to held their own because they knows the island better than anybody else and they get helps from the Wood Elves, the Avisists and perhaps one of the greatest adventurer Shaola had ever see, Sir Beowald. He is the current world champion in 1-on-1 fighting. He also was the lone survivor in Game of the Survivor. He excels in battle royale and had killed thousands of gladiators. Fighting is in his blood.

Sir Beowald is the former Hero of the East. He used to be one of the Five Magnificents, until ages catching up to him and he got surpassed by the younger Hiro Terakado, the new Hero of the East and member of the great Five Magnificents.

Zenman Empire also has aided the Green Kingdom with golds, weapons and food.

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