Heroes of Shaola (1st Demo is available now!)

Zenman Empire is the greatest nation in the world. It's located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the deceptively powerful Amazail Kingdom in the south, and the unpredictable House Lagidis in the west.

Each year, the vassal factions must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, women and gold to the Zenman.

Its capital city, Zalumi, has been protected by the four most powerful noble families. Those four families are the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens and the Rileys.


One morning, Leonardo, the only child of the Sutherlands, was nowhere to be found. The news shocked the whole nation.

People freaked out by the mysterious disappearance of Leonardo, a young nobleman with unlimited potential.

Meanwhile, in the north, Martia Kingdom has been staring at Zalumi for years. The Amazailian are also lurking around from the south.

Both of them are growing tired of being a vassal nation. They are getting tired of paying tributes to the Zenman Empire.

They have been watching Zalumi like a hawk, waiting for a chance to take action.

Sources from the Iron Eagle from Zuda Kingdom revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance.

If the two indeed become allies and something happens in Zalumi, they will launch an invasion to Zenman. With their powerful forces, they should reach the capital in no time.

The once great Zenman Empire is suddenly facing two big threats from both the north and south.

The conservatives in Amazail - led by Gaer Capulet, the General Eunuch - always want to maintain the status quo.

They always want a peaceful environment for economic development. They are against wars and want to maintain good relationships with neighboring countries, especially Zenman Empire.

The Amazailian conservatives obviously want to prevent the alliance between Amazail and Martia so they can prevent the war from happening. It seems that they are the only hope to stop this madness.


The stories and settings that influenced us are:

- Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire)

- Middle-Earth (from Lord of the Rings)

- Romance of the Three Kingdoms

- Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Northern Europe's tales and mythology

- Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European medieval history


Shaola series, an ambitious project

Hi all, I would like to announce our long-term project. I should have announced this in the beginning. However, I have decided to delay the announcement until we have a clear plan in place.

“Shaola series” is a long-term project that tells gripping stories and magical tales that happen on the world of Shaola.

Each game will have a major story, plotline with a lot of multidimensional character.

We have divided our team to work on the free project and the commercial project parallel with each other.

The free project will be funded via Patreon. Our patrons can also get free copies of the commercial games.

We will launch the commercial project in a few days. So, please stay tuned.


Shaola v0.3 Public release

This is the first major update of the game. It contains new parts of the story, hidden areas, plots and contents.

Since we are having very little financial support for this free project, we will now concentrate more on our commercial project "Heroes of Shaola". An official announcement will be available in a couple of weeks.

Our Patreon terms have been simplified. All patrons who help funding our games will also get a free copy of the commercial game(s).

We still expected Shaola I (free project) to be complete this year, in time for the Misao Award.