Shaola series, an ambitious project

Hi all, I would like to announce our long-term project. I should have announced this in the beginning. However, I have decided to delay the announcement until we have a clear plan in place.

“Shaola series” is a long-term project that tells gripping stories and magical tales that happen on the world of Shaola.

Each game will have a major story, plotline with a lot of multidimensional character.

We have divided our team to work on the free project and the commercial project parallel with each other.

The free project will be funded via Patreon. Our patrons can also get free copies of the commercial games.

We will launch the commercial project in a few days. So, please stay tuned.


Q. What are the differences between the free projects and the commercial ones?

A. Free projects’ graphics are RTP-based and will have graphics that are similar to RTPs (cartoon). Commercial projects will have a much different type of graphic (3D-based, isometric).

Both projects will be story-driven games that focus on casual role-players. However, the free projects are for all ages, while the commercial projects will mostly for 13 years old and up.

The free projects targeted younger role-players. While the commercial projects targeted adult role-players. The commercial games have darker theme and characters who love to use sensitive language (within reason).

The free games’ stories are simpler. The commercial games’ stories are more complicated and have more depth.

The free project is a year round production. After we finished a game, we will continue to create a new one. The production of the commercial projects depend more on the market, the funds, the fans (you), the publishers and the realistic situations.

Q. Why do you use RTP?

A. We always feel that the RTP resources have an unfair negative reputation. We want to prove that RTP resources are quality and we can make addictive games with it.

However, since the RTP resources are so common, any of our projects that used any part of it will be completely FREE.

Q. Will you ever change your plan?

A. This is the current plan. It’s not a permanent plan. We may alter the plan later on, according to your advices and the realistic situations.

We want to make interesting, easy to follows story and plots. We focus on plots and storylines. The games will have simple mechanics and diverse gameplay.

Our plan is to combine many forms of fictional media into a single piece of art, including novels, movies, visual novels, comics from various cultures.