Shaola v0.3 Public release

This is the first major update of the game. It contains new parts of the story, hidden areas, plots and contents.

Since we are having very little financial support for this free project, we will now concentrate more on our commercial project "Heroes of Shaola". An official announcement will be available in a couple of weeks.

Our Patreon terms have been simplified. All patrons who help funding our games will also get a free copy of the commercial game(s).

We still expected Shaola I (free project) to be complete this year, in time for the Misao Award.

Changes in Shaola 0.3:

- New parts of the story, plots and contents have been added. The pub and shops in Brinsworth now are accessible. A secret area (with a lot of goodies) have been added to the forest.

- Dialogues have improved.

- Minor enhancement for background music, sound effects and character graphics.

- Minor tweaks to some classes and monsters' stats to make battles more interesting.

- Minor tweaks to gameplay and movement mechanics.

- Tutorial now is optional.

- Battle positions have been fixed.

- Movement mechanics have been changed (press Shift 1 time to toggle between Walking, Walking fast and Dashing).

- Game should run smoother, especially animations.

- Some minor bugs have been fixed.