"The Magnificent Five" of Shaola

“The Magnificent Five” is an unofficial title given by the common folks to the top 5 world-class undefeated fighters. People have been calling them "The Magnificent Five" out of respects.


New files available for download

As much as we would wish to go on updating new versions and uploading new files, we would like to concentrate on finishing the games. So, Heroes of Shaola v0.2 and Shaola v0.4 are the last updates until the full games are completed.

Changes in Shaola 0.4:

- We now have a more advanced jumping system for Eli. As long as he wears the Spring Boot, he can jump anytime and anywhere. Press A to jump. Running and jumping at the same time will enable him to jump farther.
- As a result of the newly implement advanced jumping system, many more secrets and treasures have been added.
- New items and potions have been added.
- Dialogues have been improved.
- Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.
- We have re-installed the diagonal movement mechanics that we took out in the last version, due to the incompatibility with the mouse controls system.
- Many bug fixes and small improvements have been made.

Changes in Heroes of Shaola 0.2:

- A lot of characters and battlers’ graphics, icons have been enhanced.
- Major tweaks to the monsters, the spoils, and game balance.
- Energizer's value and effectiveness have been raised.
- Guns are much more powerful, like they should be. This explains why the factions on the other side of the Great Desert are so afraid of the Aquilon Republic.
- Minor changes and improvement to the text and dialogues.
- Some sound effects have been added and/or improved.
- All known gameplay bugs in the Demo have been fixed.

You can download the new files under "Heroes of Shaola latest files" and "Shaola latest files". Enjoy the games!


An in-depth look at the smaller factions in Shaola

Previously, we have described 7 elite mainland’s kingdoms and 2 kingdoms in the Far East (Everland).

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the 25 smaller factions in the world of Shaola, including 10 political factions and 15 nonpolitical ones.


Is it possible to overcome the "super team" at the forest? (hints and spoilers)

After the release of version 0.1.7, there were complaints that it's nearly impossible to defeat the super team of 3 types of mushroom, poisonous vipers, and the timber wolves in the last battle in the forest.

The answer is: Yes, you can beat 'em! And here's how:

Both Leonardo and Melissa have to drink Energizer in the first turn of the battle.

That's the only way to conquer that battle in this version (0.1.7). If you're on a difficulty level Normal and above, you might need to farming around a bit.

When there's a boss that seems like impossible to defeat, make sure to drink your Energizer! It's so expensive for a reason.

Energizer is so effective because it buffs your attack and strength for 5 turns, your defense for 3 turns, you agility for 4 turns, it increases your chance of counterattack/magic reflect by a whopping 60%, your chance of dodge/evade by 40%, you and your buddies will "cover" for each other, depends on who has the higher HP, you'll also cast the state "Ironwall" to greatly minimize the damage. Also, it will grant you 20% chance of HP regeneration and 10% chance of MP regeneration.

That's all for now. Enjoy the game!


Heroes of Shaola v0.1.7 Public Release

Changes in version 0.1.7:
  • New potions and monsters have been added. Now you’ll have to face even more haunted mushrooms, with each kind specialized in one type of offense.
  • Now you can sell things to the Inns after you completed their quests.
  • Small enhancement to the Bestiary.
  • Many grammar errors have been fixed. The dialogues have been enhanced.
  • Most bugs and glitches have been fixed.
    You can download the new version under "Heroes of Shaola latest files". Have fun playing!


    Shaola v0.3.8 - Public release

    A couple of months ago, we divided our team out to work on the two projects ("Shaola" and "Heroes of Shaola" separately. A few of our members in Vietnam are responsible for Shaola. Everyone else focuses on Heroes of Shaola. After months of hiatus, we're glad to release the new version.

    Changes in Shaola 0.3.8:

    - Mouse controls have been implemented.

    - New “trees kicking” mechanics. Now you can use the mouse to find suspicious trees, instead of having to kick every single tree.

    - Difficulty levels have been added.

    - Dialogues have been cleaned up.

    - Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.

    - Minor modification to some stats to balance out the game.

    - A huge amount of bug fixes (Belle’s door, secret area in the forest, etc.), cleans up, and small improvements have been made.


    Shaola - Version 0.3.8



    Heroes of Shaola v0.1.2 - Public release

    Hello again all! A new version have been released. There were some bugs that slipped through the last play tests, I've played through myself and fixed it up. There will probably still be a few glitches here and there.

    This release has nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned bug fixes and minor enhancement in graphics, dialogs, stats and gameplay.

    Changes in version 0.1.2:

    - We removed the Game Over graphics, thus, completely eliminated the Game Over factor from the game. Game Over is completely removed from the game!

    - New monsters have been added.

    - A lot of stats have been tweaked to balance out the game.

    - Most bugs and errors have been fixed.

    You can download it here:

    Version 0.1.2



    Heroes of Shaola - The Story Demo is out and available to download!

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce the official release of the Story Demo.

    What are the differences between the Tech Demo and the Story Demo, you might ask?

    The Tech Demo contains a short side-story for demonstration purpose and to introduce the theme and the basic mechanics of the game. Its contents won't be in the actual game.

    The Story Demo contains the beginning part of the alpha version of the actual game. Everything begins with the disappearance of Leonardo, the sole heir of the Sutherlands, one of the top four noble families in the Zenman Empire.

    Other changes included a different and uncommon Game Over mechanics. You won't lose your progress on Game Over, even when all main characters are injured.

    The graphics are brighter and clearer. It possesses much better battler graphics and animations, especially the opponents and monsters. In addition, many bugs and issues have been fixed.

    You can download it here: HOS_StoryDemo.zip