"The Magnificent Five" of Shaola

“The Magnificent Five” is an unofficial title given by the common folks to the top 5 world-class undefeated fighters. People have been calling them "The Magnificent Five" out of respects.

The Hero of the East: Hiro Terakado is one of the top five fighters in the world. He is a jack-of-all-trades and the best all-around fighter in the land. He can fight in different styles and can use many different types of magic, as well as using many types of weapons. He has a wide range of skill sets and abilities.

From an appearance standpoint, Hiro is nothing like a top-5 fighter in the world. The community’s perceptions are that he is just a young man, an up and coming talent who has some potential but isn't there yet. Until years ago, he defeated the former "Hero of the East", Sir Beowald in a fair duel. After that historic event that shocked the world, people’s perception change and he finally got the respects he deserved. Eventually, he has surpassed Sir Beowald as the new "Hero of the East".

Contrary to popular belief among the mainlanders, he actually quite charming and looks very young. He is a cool guy, humble, smart and fun to be with. He resides in Lufeng Island with his teacher, nicknamed The Green Wizard who is a Greenese and came from Everland.

Hiro, the Green Wizard and his daughter, their magical pet Kingkong, along with four sisters called Lufeng Quadruple Flowers are the strongest figures in Lufeng. They are the only reason that pirates never think about coming here, even the gruesome Mad Sharks.

The Knight of the West: Cepheus Shouveleki, no one knows the real location of his home. There are rumors that his home is somewhere in the Western Sea, probably on a small deserted island. He made his marks many years ago when he wandered on the mainland, defeated and killed many powerful lords and criminal leaders. He won a World Championship in the Elympic and then slaughtered all opponents in the battle royale "Game of the Survivor". After all these events, he quietly went on a ship and sailed to the Western Sea. Many groups of fans had sailed to the Western Sea to find his home, but they have found nothing so far. Some folks claimed to see him on the mainland.

The Investigator of the South: Nickolas Spyridis is widely considered the current best detective in Shaola. Maybe the best investigator ever. He works for the Iron Eagle, the greatest secret service agency ever.

He is a respected leader and a proven fighter, resilience and brave. He can be a bit cold and lukewarm. He has great intelligence and outstanding ability to pay attention to the smallest details and detect lies and errors. People said that he was born to be a detective.

When people think of the top 5 fighters, the Magnificent Five, they think of dominant fighters. However, Nickolas does not strike people as a dominant fighter that overwhelmed opponents, or a big bully that slaughtered everyone and destroyed everything in sight.

He does not have super strength or fancy skills. What he has are intelligence and experience. He is an unbelievable cunning and clever fighter. He calculates everything during battle. Before he joined the Iron Eagle, he was a vagabond and adventurer who wandering everywhere and fights everyone. After he joined the agency, they equipped him some of the most expensive weapons, armors, tools and items.

Nickolas does not have many convincing knockouts, but he finds ways to win. He does not win every battle, but he is still undefeated because he had never got defeated in a 1-on-1 battle. Many great fights ended up in a tie and foes become friends after hacking at each other for hours. When he was facing multiple strong opponents at the same time, even if he could not win, he always managed to escape successfully.

There are rumors that he is the only fighter who has ever fought against the other four of the "Magnificent Five". However, he never won. Either it's ended up in a tie, or he escaped. Therefore, he is considered the 5th best fighter in the land, not too shabby. However, none of them have ever confirmed those rumors.

Nickolas always travels alone before he joined the agency. After joining the agency, he still operates alone most of the time. The agency offers him many talented sidekicks and assistants, but for some reasons he refuses. He prefers to operate alone, done things his way, by himself. He hates sidekicks and prefers to live a lonely life.

People spread different rumors about his roots, where he comes from, etc. Some suspect that he was an exiled prince from a different kingdom. Some suspect that he is the (Zuda) king's bastard son. Others suspect that he was a former assassin. There is something secretive, mysterious about Nickolas that people just want to gossip about. However, Nickolas himself never confirmed any information and never said anything to anyone about his past. So, all those rumors are just… rumors.

Nickolas, the famous investigator of the Iron Eagle (Zuda Kingdom)

The Swordsman of the North: Demoniel Murdock, the best fighter in the world and by far the best warrior in Martia’s army. Martian army is the most well-trained army in the land. Demoniel is an associated general, not a commander, due to his lack of knowledge on strategies, tactics and military matters. He also isn’t a great political leader. But he sure knows how to use a sword!

His legendary status, fame and reputation in Martia provoke a lot of jealousy. Corrupted officials, generals and commanders have been abused his fighting talents, they’ve always sent him to the front line.

They want to use the opponents to kill him. They send him to dangerous missions. They have been setting him up to fail. They even try to frame him. But it doesn't matter what they do, he always prevails and has the last laugh. After all, this is a nation that worship strong men, and he is the strongest of all. Plus, he has the king by his side.

1-on-1 combat or 1-on-100 combat, it doesn't matter. He can fight off hundreds of soldiers by himself. There are numerous legends about him in Martia: He crossed ten gates and beheaded ten commanders during a suppression of a rebellion.

During a war when the alliances between warlords, the rebels, the mercenaries, the army of peasants and the army of slaves united together, attacked and surrounded the capital, Demoniel was able to protect the king and broke through five layers of soldiers and another three ambushes.

He was saving the king and brought him out of the battlefield, fighting with one sword and one horse. His right arm held the king, his left arm swings the sword, all this with the slave-soldiers and the peasant-soldiers using hooks and tools to grab his horse's legs. They eventually escape and soon called for the other local military forces to come rescue the capital.

His uncanny fighting abilities can be comparable with Murlock, the Slaughterer, a great leader and the Orc's greatest fighter of all time. Some experts have considered Murlock is currently the 6th best fighter.

The Wizard of the Central: While Demoniel is the best "fighter", Claudius Scipio is the best "wizard" in the world, certainly the most knowledgeable. He knows all types of magic and spells.

Many moons ago, the two of them fought on top of the Great Himalaya Mountain, the tallest and largest mountain on the land, to settle the issue of who is the better fighter once and for all, with the witness of many audiences. They fought and rested, rested and fought for weeks before finally decided it was a draw.

There are many debates about who is actually better. What if they fought longer, for months, for years, then who would have won? For now, there is still no conclusion on who is better. What everyone can agree on is that Claudius is the best wizard and Demoniel is the best swordsman.

Claudius lives in Zenman, but he does not serve the empire, despite many invitations of the emperors. He stays away from politics and wants to have the time to do research and experiments on magic and witchcrafts.

The Iron Eagle in Zuda Kingdom and the Shaola Academy in Zokang Kingdom each rank Claudius and Demoniel as their #1 and #2 fighters in their latest Power Rankings.

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