New files available for download

As much as we would wish to go on updating new versions and uploading new files, we would like to concentrate on finishing the games. So, Heroes of Shaola v0.2 and Shaola v0.4 are the last updates until the full games are completed.

Changes in Shaola 0.4:

- We now have a more advanced jumping system for Eli. As long as he wears the Spring Boot, he can jump anytime and anywhere. Press A to jump. Running and jumping at the same time will enable him to jump farther.
- As a result of the newly implement advanced jumping system, many more secrets and treasures have been added.
- New items and potions have been added.
- Dialogues have been improved.
- Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.
- We have re-installed the diagonal movement mechanics that we took out in the last version, due to the incompatibility with the mouse controls system.
- Many bug fixes and small improvements have been made.

Changes in Heroes of Shaola 0.2:

- A lot of characters and battlers’ graphics, icons have been enhanced.
- Major tweaks to the monsters, the spoils, and game balance.
- Energizer's value and effectiveness have been raised.
- Guns are much more powerful, like they should be. This explains why the factions on the other side of the Great Desert are so afraid of the Aquilon Republic.
- Minor changes and improvement to the text and dialogues.
- Some sound effects have been added and/or improved.
- All known gameplay bugs in the Demo have been fixed.

You can download the new files under "Heroes of Shaola latest files" and "Shaola latest files". Enjoy the games!

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