Shaola v0.3.8 - Public release

A couple of months ago, we divided our team out to work on the two projects ("Shaola" and "Heroes of Shaola" separately. A few of our members in Vietnam are responsible for Shaola. Everyone else focuses on Heroes of Shaola. After months of hiatus, we're glad to release the new version.

Changes in Shaola 0.3.8:

- Mouse controls have been implemented.

- New “trees kicking” mechanics. Now you can use the mouse to find suspicious trees, instead of having to kick every single tree.

- Difficulty levels have been added.

- Dialogues have been cleaned up.

- Minor enhancement for graphics, icons, music and sound effects.

- Minor modification to some stats to balance out the game.

- A huge amount of bug fixes (Belle’s door, secret area in the forest, etc.), cleans up, and small improvements have been made.


Shaola - Version 0.3.8


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