Heroes of Shaola - The Story Demo is out and available to download!

Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce the official release of the Story Demo.

What are the differences between the Tech Demo and the Story Demo, you might ask?

The Tech Demo contains a short side-story for demonstration purpose and to introduce the theme and the basic mechanics of the game. Its contents won't be in the actual game.

The Story Demo contains the beginning part of the alpha version of the actual game. Everything begins with the disappearance of Leonardo, the sole heir of the Sutherlands, one of the top four noble families in the Zenman Empire.

Other changes included a different and uncommon Game Over mechanics. You won't lose your progress on Game Over, even when all main characters are injured.

The graphics are brighter and clearer. It possesses much better battler graphics and animations, especially the opponents and monsters. In addition, many bugs and issues have been fixed.

You can download it here: HOS_StoryDemo.zip